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Madness Getaway out now🍒


Hey Frumee!

I’ve always admired your style and how beautiful and genuinely happy you look wearing the outfits you love. You have an awesome sense of style and I would love to hear about what inspires you.

Let’s get started!

EB Who is your style crush and what do you love about their style?

FT My style crush is my friend Sarah Schlisser-Krohn she is beautiful and a total model. What I love about her style is that she is super innovative and bold and she’s not afraid to take risks. I love that she has the confidence to be all dressed up, wearing the most avant-garde outfit on Central Avenue when she belongs in fashion week. She can wear the coolest pants suit with an oversize tee and heels that wrap around the ankles and she can pull it off because she is extremely confident. Every time I see her, I am inspired and it gives me the confidence to push my limit. 

My other style crush is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley she’s so chic and is super cool. She’s a minimalist with a strong sense of style and she is truly beautiful. I love how she chooses her outfits. She can be wearing a simple fitted maxi dress with gorgeous heels but add a chunky beanie or cool blazer on top. Her style is simple but elevated and I think it’s super cool!

EB How do they impact your style on a daily basis?

FT Sarah inspires me to be more bold and to push myself to just go for it and not care where I’m going. I can be going to the grocery store but still look fabulous. I can go to carpool and put on a killer fur leopard coat and just look super cool. There are times when I am more innovative and have her in mind and she’s my inspiration so I love that. With Rosie, it’s interesting because there are times when I question “Am I to minimal? Am I not going far enough?”. What I love about Rosie is that she reminds me that being minimal is fashion in itself. Sometimes less is more. She makes me feel confident in that way, if I am just wearing a plain outfit but I accessorize it with killer heels and a killer jacket that is fashion in it of itself.

EB What is your signature look?

FT My signature look is defined by my love for edge with a twist of femininity. I can also say that Sarah Jessica Parker is another style icon of mine and I always revert back to her famous bodysuit and tutu that she wears in Sex In The City. I love putting on a tutu with a leather jacket or combat boots because it’s something that you wouldn’t expect.


EB What can’t you leave your house without?

FT Lip gloss. I always need to have something on my lips because my lips are my best feature! Lipgloss is a must but sunglasses are a close second.

EB What is your favorite part of your makeup routine?

FT Washing my face and moisturizing it after. I haven’t been so into skin care until recently. But I can definitely see a difference in my face now that I use my oils and moisturizer. My face has gotten more smooth and glowy since then. I also love my blush, I feel like it brightens up my face when I have some color in my cheeks.

EB What is something people don’t know about you?

FT I get social anxiety, I may come off as someone who is extremely friendly and outgoing, which I am. But when I know I am going to an event and I have to be “on” I get anxious beforehand. Once I am there I get such an adrenaline rush by the vibe and energy of the people around me that I totally forget about the anxiety.

EB What is your favorite trend RN?

FT The oversize look for sure! I love an oversize coat, I think it’s so cool and there’s definitely something chic about it, very Mary Kate and Ashley. I also love the high socks look. It looks super cool over leggings with sneakers, I am obsessed!

EB Do you ever feel pressure to succumb to new trends?

FT I used to a lot more, but recently no. Would I have worn high socks, a long skirt, and layers upon layers two years ago? Probably not, because it wasn’t on trend at all. Now that I see all the big-time bloggers and celebrities wearing it, I definitely think it’s cool. But since I feel comfortable in it, it’s OK. It’s all about the confidence.

EB Closet MVP

FT Definitely a leather jacket, my closet is full of them. It totally elevates any look. You can be wearing a basic outfit and then throw on a leather jacket and it will make the outfit instantly cool.

EB Go to Shoe

FT Combat boots baby! I have a million and one combat boots. They are so cool, a quintessential item of a cool girl. I’m always gravitating towards a combat boot.

EB Dream Designers

FT My all-time favorite designer is Christian Dior because I feel he embodies my personal style which is feminine and edgy. He has these tulle skirts and at the same time, super structured jackets which I just think is totally fabulous. Although Gucci is not usually my go to designer I do appreciate their boldness. I get very inspired when they go all out and put print on print and layer on layer. I take pieces of inspiration from them.

EB What is your signature shade

FT Lately I’ve been gravitating towards the neutral tones such as camel, brown and beige. I think they go really nicely with my coloring. But I’ve been experimenting a bit more with color and I think I really shine with bright colors. Give me a fiery red, hot pink, or gorgeous blue and I pop.

EB Shopping Strategy

FT I typically shop in Zara, I also shop in Clementine because I am big on my workout gear. I love to shop on the outnet and in intermix for the nicer pieces. I’m very into spending on classic pieces and less on trendier ones.

EB Party Essential

FT Sparkle sparkle sparkle! I love leather as well!

EB Style Mantra

FT Whatever your wearing, OWN it. Your confidence will shine through and other people will get inspired by it. 







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