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Madness Getaway out now🍒

A few things to know about The.ModestModel

Hey Pessie, 

I’m absolutely obsessed with your style and confidence! I love how you mix patterns and colors and that you are not afraid to be bold. Your style is one of a kind and super creative! I would love to hear about what inspires you! 

Who is your style crush?
I wouldn’t say its one person in specific. I really like to take inspiration from everywhere or anyone. From other creators posts on my Instagram explore page to random tiktoks on my fyp, there is endless inspo to be found. Recently though I came across Eve-Lily on TikTok and I became obsessed with her styling.

What do you specifically love about their style?
I love how she is feminine edgy! Her looks are so unique yet so classy, if that makes sense. Her color mixing and layering creates the most amazing looks!

How does it impact you clothing decisions on a daily?
In general, fashion is so such a diverse and creative space. There are no rules and everyone has their own bursts of inspiration that makes them try new things. I think that’s what makes it so fun. When you find something that works it’s the best feeling. So for me seeing those creative things that I never thought of always results in me putting together a look that I’m super excited about.

What is your signature look?
I would say something layered with a crop top. In my opinion it adds an edgy element that I can’t get enough of. I think they say once you crop you can’t stop or Something like that 😂

What can’t you leave the house without?
A bag-it just completes every look. It’s that finishing touch that makes the outfit perfect.

Most worn item in your closet?
Probably my crop tops. I said I have an addiction And I didn’t lie.

Shoe mvp?
Boots: tall,short,lace up, leather,velvet. I love them all. They are just so good. They make every outfit just that much better.

Favorite trend right now?
Socks and loafers! So we now know my shoe mvp is boots so I feel like socks and loafers is the more spring version of that.

What is your fave Pattern?
Florals- I think because I style things more edgy so the florals adds the feminine element to the look.

Fave color combo?
Not a color combo but anything with denim or leather I’m all over it.

Outfit picking strategy?
I say this all the time: Colors! My outfit picking in the mornings usually go something like this- opens closet, open drawers, spots two items in the same color family and viola my outfit comes together. I find playing into colors helps to create unique looks. 

Shopping spots, where do you shop etc?
I would say I’m definitely a mix of everything. I do order things online, but I’ll pop into to a random store here and there and find something great. I also really love sample sales. Perhaps its an addiction but nobody gets hurt so I think I’m ok🙈

Style mantra?
Restyling isn’t outfit repeating - I believe that one skirt, top, dress etc can turn into 10 different outfits. This is also something I try to convey through my page. I encourage being creative with what you have in your closet. It doesn’t matter if you wore it last week, style it different and no one will even know.

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Easygoing, punny, extra

Favorite type of food?
I’m a fleish girl. Anything meat, extra points if it’s fried.
I also enjoy a good pastry.

Fave Cocktail?
Something tropical

Fave restaurant;)
Don’t make me choose! Let’s say top 3: Gruit, Salt, Sen Sakana

Favorite part of blogging?
Is it cliché to say the friends I make because of it? By friends I mean anyone who interacts with my page. Every message or comment makes me smile. Even if it’s just asking for a link ;)

Something you wish people knew about you?
That beneath all the ootds, makeup and hair I’m actually a tomboy. If you’re looking for another person to join your sports game I am there I just might wear full glam while doing it.

Hidden talent?
Puns. I can’t tal you how fast puns come to me. My friends may give a sympathy chuckle, but I know the chuckles are just hidden laughs. Ha like the bad puns here no one probably got but I laughed. But really the puns are usually great, trust me.


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