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Madness Getaway out now🍒

Rachelli Wein Style Crush🌼

Hey Rachelli!

Your aesthetic is perfect and I am absolutely obsessed with your style! You have an eye for fashion and your pictures look like they came out of Pinterest. I love that you are not afraid to take risks, you are a total trendsetter! I can’t wait to hear a little bit more about what/who inspires you:)

Who is your style crush?

What do you specifically love about their style?I Love how she plays around with color. Even though she incorporates color she still always looks refined and clean. I love the way she layers and I’m obsessed with her Instagram feed!

How does it impact you clothing decisions on a daily?
I wouldn’t say just one person impacts my decisions on a daily. I take a little bit of inspiration from everywhere. But she definitely inspires color combinations and ways to style color and layers.

What is your signature look?
I feel like my signature style is not having a signature look lol. I’d like to think of my style as eclectic. Like I said - I take a little bit from everywhere. It’s the way I shop and it’s the way I dress. How I dress for the day totally depends on my mood, where I’m going, or what I’m doing. I can be girly, edgy, bold, refined, casual, dressed up.

What can’t you leave the house without?

What do you love about your jobs? (Derm and blogging)

Derm - I think people assume derm is only cosmetic and “pimple popping” lol. I actually don’t do so much cosmetics and there’s so much on the medical/clinical side of derm that people aren’t aware of and that my patients suffer from. It’s really rewarding when you have a patient that’s super uncomfortable, itchy, in pain, or ashamed that comes back doing so much better, happier, and comfortable in their skin (literally).

Blogging - I’ve always been super passionate about fashion. I enjoy getting dressed and love the feeling of putting an outfit together that feels like a finished puzzle - flawless and complete. Of course I love shopping too. “Blogging” has been my way of sharing that and more - it’s been my fashion outlet and has become a super fun side hustle. I honestly love it (most of the time 😀) and love the interaction with followers.

Favorite trend right now?
So many of the Spring ‘22 trends are hard to pull off when you’re trying to dress modestly (i.e. ultra mini skirts, low rise waists, super sheer, strapped accents, cut-outs, bras as tops) but I always looked at dressing modestly as a fun challenge. I’d have to say two - vibrant spring colors (especially green) and platform shoes!

Closet MVP?
White sneakers (superga or keds) for spring/summer

Shoe game?
Sneakers hands down

What is your fave Perfume?

Philosophy Fresh Cream or my Pic n’ Tell Baccarat impression

One thing you’ll splurge on?
Designer bags

Designer brands you love?
I’m going to be cliche and say Chanel - it’s always a classic. Also love Giambattista Valli, Cecilie Bahnsen, Aje, Alaia, Prada

Signature Color?
Don’t have one but I’m always drawn to pink!

Shopping spots?
Literally everywhere but recently I’ve been getting a lot from H&M - always trendy and affordable.

Style mantra?
“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” - Rachel Zoe

Date night outfit?
For Spring a midi dress, blazer, heeled slides/mules always works.

Favorite food?
French fries are my weakness but I love all foods and trying new foods.

Something you wish people knew about you?
It’s more about Instagram in general. You can’t really know a person just based on what they post on Instagram. Everyone is complex and you should never wish you had someone else’s life just based on what you see. Instagram can be a dangerous place if you don’t have the maturity to “scroll responsibly”.

Hidden talent?
Does snowboarding count?


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