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Madness Getaway out now🍒

22 things to know about Rebecca Abezis @Styledbyrebs

Hey Rebecca! 
Ever since I discovered your page I’ve been blown away by your amazing sense of style. You are so fashion forward and are not afraid to take risks. I admire the way you make modesty fashionable. Some people may think that modesty is limited but you make it look limitless. I can’t wait to get to know more about you so let’s get right to it! 

Who is your style crush?
Olivia and Alice, both living their life through color. Lots of color. Their feed is filled with outstanding bright colors, and color blocking fits one would have never thought of. They are two sisters, wearing the same colors but in different ways, which gives tons of inspo in just one pic.

What do you specifically love about their style?
The COLORS. The inspo to mix and match, yet still look fashionable and not feel weird or too much.

How does it impact you clothing decisions on a daily?
It’s more that it’ll influence my purchases while shopping. I am suddenly reaching for more bright colors than neutrals. What I love about color blocking, is the ability to either reach towards the warm tones, like pink & orange, which you’ll find in my most recent posts or the cool shades such as green & blue or pink and purple, which you’ll find on my feed as well. There’s so much to play with, and it’s best when you can actually dress up the items in your closet in more than one way.

What is your signature look?
Honestly, one of the many Miamod skirts I own with a sweater and either heels or boots.
It leaves me comfy and cozy, yet looking put together. With the weather in LA, you really don’t know if it’s going be 90degrees or 56degrees, so this look can match either or, and even in between.

What can’t you leave the house without?

A bag. I need to be holding a bag. I feel like I need to be holding something. I’m not sure if it necessarily stems from insecurities, and wanting to sort of hold something in front of areas I’m not 100% confident about but I need that bag in my hand, lol. I also feel like I have lost so many things in my life, wallets, cards, sunglasses, etc. that I need to have a bag to hold it all together for me rather than leaving small things all over the place.

Favorite trend right now?

Definitely, one of my favorite trends are the retro platform loafers or heels, giving such an intriguing look. Being 5’1, it’s a great way to add some height to my frame. You can literally walk out of your house in PJ’s but the second you add a pair of platforms, you’re performing a different vibe. It’s the answer when not wanting to wear boots because it’s too hot, or uncomfortable skinny heels, or boring sneakers. They stand out most when you’re wearing an all neutral classic look. If you’re looking to dress up the loafers or even have fun with the platform heels, throw on a pair of mesh socks. 

Most worn items in your closet?
Blazers are my favorite wether it’s keeping it monochromatic or color-blocking. It’s 100% a wardrobe staple. It gives a preppy look, and helps cover elbows on a sunny day without feeling like there’s too much material on. Especially the trendy leather blazers with a pair of sneakers/boots and some minimal gold jewelry, SCREAMS CLASSY but comfy.

Shoe pick? 

My favorite type of shoe is ankle boots.
It’s timeless, edgy, and stylish. They’re an effective compromise between stylish and functional. It definitely depends on the point where the heel stops at your leg. I think the perfect pair need to stop about an inch over your ankle.

What is your fave Perfume ?

Chanel Eau Tendre

One thing you’ll splurge on?

One day, hopefully the Chanel 19 flap bag. And in a million years, a Hermes bag would be a dream.

Designer brands you love?

Jacquemes, I am falling in LOVE with their bags more and more every day. The La Montagne Le Bambino Clutch is drool worthy. It’s the perfect size and the perfect addition to any bright outfits. For shoes, I am definitely a Chanel girl, I love the old school, classy items they sell.

Signature Color?

As of right now, pink. I feel like anything pink is always forwarded to me. It’s just exciting to wear anything but black and white. I wouldn’t even say just light pink, it’s really any pink. I love how it’s still a little calming, but warm and feminine.

Outfit picking strategy?

I Pick one thing I want to wear and go from there. It can be a shirt or a skirt or even shoes, but I start with one item and then combine different color hues, or stay monochromatic. I wouldn’t even say the weather plays a role in my outfit picking because I rarely check how the weather is before I get dressed.

Shopping spots?
Century City is my shopping spot, it’s one of the only malls in LA that has H&M, Zara, Nordstrom, etc. The Zara has a much larger selection of items, but the returns line is always such a hassle, omg. 

Style mantra?
“It’s not about your budget, it’s about your taste and style.” Take a drive down the most expensive stores in town, and you’ll see that money can’t buy you style. Money can help you buy expensive items, but you can make it work without those exact items. You can walk and feel like a million bucks without that budget. Spend some extra time searching under the budget you have, and wear the attitude!

Date night look?
Truthfully, it’s always different. I would say it definitely always includes heels. My favorite is the oversized trench look with either a dress or statement skirt.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Modest Relatable Colorful

Favorite food?
Pizza. And omg being in Israel is only assisting my addiction to pizza even more, I mean the kosher Pizza Hut and Dominos, best pizza ever.

Strawberry Margarita🍹

Favorite part of living in LA?

As a fashion influencer, my favorite part about living in LA is the weather. It’s much easier to shop and have photo shoots when the sun is always shining.

Something you wish people knew about you?

Not every bag or shoe I post is real😄 70% is a dupe or inspired. I think it’s a waste of money unless it’s something timeless and everlasting, or obviously gifted. I stick to dupes and inspired shoes because that’s where I feel like I’m not breaking the bank for every shoe and bag I want, and yet I get however many I want. The only real brand shoes or bags I have in my closet have been gifted to me from my husband, since he’s not a fan of dupes lol.

Also, I modeled with Kim Kardashian when I was 9 years old.

(Rebecca is in the yellow outfit and her sister is the girl behind kim)

Hidden talent?
Researching and investigating. Lol, tell me the tea or the drama, I will literally help you find out every single detail needed. I’m a FBI detective when it comes to investigating.


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