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Madness Getaway out now🍒

My Style Crush💖🌈♈️

Who is your style crush?

Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat is my style icon. I have loved her style since I discovered her a few years ago through her dancing videos. When she came out with her book I read it and I felt that it spoke to me on a deeper level. (The fact that she is Jewish and literally the same height and shoe size as me made me feel connected even more lol) She has this cool girl energy that emanates off of her, it makes you want to be her BFF. She is a boss that hustles hard and you can tell it got her to where she is now. I love that Girl Boss energy💖

 I also love Emili Sindlev she creates the coolest looks and wears them with such confidence. She is such a fashion icon and she too has such cool girl energy. A lot of her outfits look super cozy and I’m am definitely here for comfortable fashion as well. 

What do you specifically love about their style?

Danielle’s style is feminine/edgy and I love how she mixes both styles so effortlessly. She can be wearing a dress with ruffles and a bow in her hair but she will accessorize with chunky boots and edgy jewelry. She is true to her style and always looks sharp.

Emili’s style is complete Rule breaker energy which I love! She loves to experiment with color and is a total trendsetter.

How does it impact you clothing decisions on a daily? 

I naturally love the mixture of feminine and edge but I always have Danielle as my inspo to refer back to. I look at her page for ideas and make it modest:)

I absolutely love color, Emili reminds me not to be afraid of color and to stay away from the comfort of black clothes. Which I’ve incorporated in my brand. You will never see a plain black item, I want to inspire more woman to be confident in COLOR🌈

Fave Hobbies?

I really enjoy painting, it calms me down and let’s my creative juices flow.

I love to sing and dance, I’m not good at either but It makes my heart burst.

Call me crazy but cooking for Shabbos is something I love as well!

Fun fact?

I am an Aries ♈️

My birthday is April 18
The same as the Lubavitcher Rebbe⭐️
Maybe that’s why I feel so connected;)

I am obsessed with flowers🌺🌺🌺🌺

What is your signature look?

Big Crimpy blonde hair and a lot of jewelry.

What can’t you leave the house without?

Mascara! I don’t feel human without it😂

My fave

Favorite parts of your makeup routine?

Dior Mascara, Chanel eyeliner, Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter, FRECK, and Pat McGrath eyeshadow.

Chanel liner

Flawless filter


Glitter eyeshadow

 Favorite and least favorite trend right now?

I love that Color is everywhere! Obsessed with chunky boots, white socks and sneakers, colorful big jewelry and I’m so happy that midi is in style (the tall girls will understand)

I hateeee the Y2K trend, why is everyone wearing such weird things it’s so not cool😴

Sorry for the negative energy but like can someone explain it to me because I don’t get it.

Favorite Food?

Sour Candy, Fruit and, Fries.

What is your closet MVP?

Leather jackets and denim jackets

I literally collect them lol.

This is a sample I made of a leather jacket, still deciding if I should make it😍 

Go to shoe?

I’m a Sneaker Girl for sure👟👟

Fave designers?

Dior has my heart, Hermès is my dream, Zimmerman because floral dresses are my fave, and Ganni is just the coolest.

Style mantra?

If your gonna wear it, ROCK IT.

If you don’t feel comfortable in it, it will show. I tell this to myself every time I want to wear something that not everyone will understand. Because it’s all about your inner confidence.

Party essential?

Red lip duh

Something people don’t know about me?

I’m a foodie, I love to read cookbooks, and I definitely must look at a menu before I get to the restaurant.


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