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Madness Getaway out now🍒

Current obsessions

Hey ladies!


I wanted to share a few of my current obsessions because I feel like we can all use some self love right now. If you are interested in some new recommendations you are in the right place.

1. Hygge dress- Well duh did you think I wouldn’t shamelessly plug my new love? Soft and cozy, Hygge dress is a must for this winter season. It will seriously warm your heart.

2. Dior overcurl mascara- I cannot go a day without this mascara. It perfectly coats your eyelashes and makes them look much longer. There’s something magical about the wand that curls your lashes so perfectly I can’t even explain.

3. Dermalogica Face cream- This cream is perfect for people like me who can’t handle oily cream. My skin would break out the second I put something oily on it. It has that silky texture and it sinks into your skin moments after you put it on. Leaving you with a glow that comes from within.

4. Pura- I love this product! Controlled by an app on your phone it’s convenient and smells really good. You get to choose scents that you’ve smelled or had as candles and it lasts for a long time. My personal favorite scents are volcano from Capri blue, paddywax tobacco patchouli, and apotheke white vetiver.

5. White wine- Theres nothing like sipping a chilled white wine with family and friends. I love white wine paired with a delicious dairy meal, something like homemade pizza or Burrata salad by brunch. My personal favorites are Goblet Riesling Seneca lake, and Grecco di tufo introduced to me by my Father. Cheers!

6. Fanny packs- Easy. Chic. Easy. Need I say more.

7. Burrata- Place it over a fresh bed of arugula or mixed greens. Add tomatoes, balsamic, salt pepper, evoo. Slice it in quarters and pour yourself a cup of white wine. Ladies.👏🏼who.👏🏼Brunch.👏🏼

8. Fresh sends- If you are a flower lover like me you will agree that receiving flowers is one of the best gifts someone can buy you. This service sends an aesthetically pleasing bouquet straight to your door😍 Yes please! products/the-send


Hope you enjoy these products as much as I do💖

Xx madness






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