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Madness Getaway out now🍒

A few things to know about Cami Bouskila

Hey Cami!

Your a total fashionista and I love that you are not afraid to take risks. Your style is cool, yet classy and you are a total trendsetter. Many know you as Themommydictionary but I know you as Cami because we grew up in the same neighborhood! I would love to ask you some questions about the things you love and inspire you!

Let’s get right into it!

Who is your style crush?

I pull style from so many different people. I have always loved Olivia Palermo’s style it’s just so good. I love the way she puts her outfits together to make such easy yet high end looks. I also look at my bestie as my style crush, she really has amazing taste!


Growing up I was lucky enough to live in the same community as you Esty, and I ALWAYS used your mom as a style muse 100%.

What do you specifically love about their style?

It comes off as effortless and just screams high fashion. I also love that it is totally attainable.

What is your signature look?

Definitely a slip skirt, an oversized blazer and combat boots. I think people really recognize me as someone who really believes that you need accessories to complete a look.

What can’t you leave the house without?


What’s your Essential makeup products?

Laneige lipgloss & mascara

Favorite trend right now?

Ohhhhh I’m loving that sneakers are becoming high fashion, I just got the coolest Loewe kicks.

What do you wish you knew about style when you started blogging?

Confidence is key.

Something you wear often?

A slip skirt.

Footwear faves?

Right now sneakers for sure.

Perfume pick?

Baccarat rouge is my signature.

Something you’ll splurge on?

Bags and shoes. I love mixing a good designer shoe or bag with a Zara dress.

Top designers?

Loewe, Balenciaga, Prada, Preen

Signature Color?

Pinks 💓

Shopping spots?

Mostly farfetch and mytheresa I feel like I can get really cool unique pieces there.

Date night outfit?

Always a dress and a cute shoe. I Looveee date night and the whole process of getting dolled up for it.

Favorite food?

Coffee is that even a food? I definitely think It should be a food group lol!

Something you wish people knew about you?

Most of my life is actually behind the scenes. I keep myself super involved with a lot of things that no one on the gram even knows about and that’s how I like it. I prefer putting up a superficial wall and letting people think that of me than letting my walls come down. Letting people get close and get to know the real me is a risk of getting hurt. It’s sad but true.

Style mantra?

More is more :)

How would you describe your style?

Classic with a surprise🎉


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