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Madness Getaway out now🍒

16 things to know about Rivki Rabinowitz’s Amazing Aesthetic.

Hey Rivki!

You have the coolest and the most colorful aesthetic. You are very good at what you do and I would love to hear more about you💖

Let’s get started!

1. What is something you can’t leave home without?

 I never leave home without a ton of gold necklaces and layered earrings. You will also see me sporting a green or grey cotton toque (beanie).

2. Who are your style icons?

Emili Sindlev, Elsa Hosk, and Hannah Bronfman.

3. How do they inspire your outfits on a daily basis?

I wouldn’t say they inspire what I wear per se, I just appreciate their vibe.

4. What is your wardrobe staple?

Oversized band tshirts; bucket hats; really transparent lens sunglasses; safety pin earrings; doc martens; silk shirts; a floor length coat so I can wear Pajamas all day lol

5. What do you eat in a day?

I Eat something different every day but overall:

Breakfast is this smoothie I learnt from my naturopath Stacey Shillington:

1 cup berries

Nut milk


Chia seeds/hemp hearts/protein powder/collagen

Lunch Massive salad I can shovel in with everything and anything

Snack Dark chocolate with mint or chocolate chip cookies usually happen every day lol

Dinner is different- I usually post my weekly menu up on stories every Sunday.

6. Favorite part of your makeup/skincare routine? 

I wear sunscreen every day regardless of the weather. I love Giorgio Armani Luminous silk; Nars laguna blush; makeup forever mascara.

7. Do you have any healthy hobbies?

For the past 13 years, I have been working out 4-6 days a week. The intensity and style vary, but the habit remains the same. I love lifting heavy things and I dread cardio.

8. What’s your dream destination?

Safari is my fave vacation and I would go back every year if I could. I love Paris, too.

9. Signature jewelry?

My coin necklaces from @omnijewelsandjava, my layered rings, and millions of ear cuffs.

10. Fave cocktail?

Espresso martini obviouslyyyyyyyyy

11. Favorite thing to post about?

I love connecting with my community when I do ask me anything’s and each KIMT (Kale in my teeth)  interview. I put my all into that and I really aim to understand each of my followers and provide value in the best way.

12. Interesting fact about you?

I’m a lefty! I play piano and I paint! I hate, hate shopping. I love fashion but I don’t spend time studying it or obsessing. I just love what I love and kind of move on.

13. What inspires you?

All the women before me who have found ways to raise families while breaking boundaries with their careers and goals.

14. Any tips or tricks you have to help businesses grow organically?

Find out what you LOVE doing or talking about, something specific and niched down. That’s exactly the topic or business that will get you where you need to be.

I don’t prescribe to any specific posting schedule because it doesn’t suit my personality. The downside? Your business can potentially grow more slowly. The upside? You never stop loving what you do. Identify your strengths- then lean into them with every step you take.

15. Favorite interior design style?

I call my style drunk geriatric 😂- traditional gone rogue! I strongly lean into historical design and shapes in furniture, space planning, and finishes- but pair them with current colour palettes, art, and subtle twists. You might find a super historical looking banister, but in a fresh colour; or a heavy wood chair with a quirky pattern. I’m inspired by anything Beata Heuman

I truly believe, as I do in all areas, that the greats knew best, so I’m influenced by history and get excited when I find something special that’s antique; and then create ways to keep it true to its form, yet with a personal twist.

I’m not opposed to forward thinking design, but I’m a big believer in design that has longevity. Of course, we don’t just choose staid design and walk away. What makes this work are the injections of newness that allow all of it to feel harmonious and…dare I say- fresh!

I think we are seeing what the damage excessive consumerism has caused to society and we are looking for ways to reuse what we, or someone we may never meet, has already had, whether it be for budgetary reasons or style choices.

Also, I feel that it is integral for environment to be accounted for when executing successful design. Given that I am born, raised, and raising my family in Canada’s harsh climate, I think it makes sense that I gravitate towards design that feels like a hug.)

16. What is a Mantra you live by?

My mantras used to be, “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” and “mind over matter”, but as I’ve tried to move away from endless hustle culture mentality and behaviour, I find them less suitable. Maybe now mine would be, “If there’s a will, there’s a way; and while maybe there’s a way, I can still choose not to!”

Now, I’m inspired by the women who have accomplished so much in their careers and family life, and think of them when my tasks seem stressful or insurmountable.


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