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Madness Getaway out now🍒

About Us

Welcome to Madness the Brand! We are so excited to become Besties.

At Madness we want to show you that everyone is cool and unique and you can wear anything you’d like. We’ve noticed a trend where women say “I can’t pull that off, only ‘she’ can.” Most people gravitate towards basics because it’s easier than taking the risk. We want let Madness into your lives and show you that you are in charge of those thoughts. Put on those rose-colored glasses and start feeling confident in your own skin!

Basics are essential pieces in your closet and we love them too, but we want you to be able to step out of your comfort zone and start wearing more beautiful colors and trends! We are here to help you compliment those effortless basics you already own.

Everything we make is sketched, designed, and carefully made with love. It is made by us and never rebranded.

Founded by Esty Buff, Madness is a woman’s clothing brand known for its edgy flair with a feminine twist. Designing her own clothing was forever a dream. When she was a little girl, she was persistently occupied with creating, designing, & fabricating clothing for her dolls. Whether it was cutting, glueing, or stitching garments to piece together the perfect chic, glittery outfits. After working for two and a half years in the fashion industry, she decided to go after her dreams and start “Madness the Brand”. She wants woman to feel confident in wearing something a little “extra” rather than playing it safe in something more basic.

We are not just a clothing brand we are a community of woman who love style, confidence, and girl power. We don’t like to follow the rules here, we love to be creative and follow our hearts. You’ll notice on the sleeve of every unique piece there’s a heart. We proudly wear our heart on our sleeves and we can’t wait to welcome you to the crew!


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